Friday, September 21, 2007

Well now, it's been almost a week since my last post. I have so much ruminating in the spacious place that is my mind, but as with my daily to do's, the question is where to start. There's always the list, when in doubt make a list.

1. 1,000 sq. ft. of new flooring = 3 days of keeping Piper away from the nail gun and from flirting with the workers

2. New dark flooring = spending 2 days ruminating on how to lighten up the furniture which now looks too dark

3. LOOK! Piper has new words! She has started going around the house looking for me saying "mama, mama". She can copy a lot of the words we say, but is starting to use them on her own more. Her favorite right now is to say "tickle, tickle" as she laughs and "tickles" us.
Today I was getting clothes out of the dryer and she grabbed a pair of Hunter's shorts. All excited, she went looking for him saying "Hunter, Hunter....Hunter, Hunter"! How do you explain to a 17 month old that Hunter is at school and will be home in, oh, about 4 hours?

4. In the middle of wood floor mayhem, Piper decides she's up for a little xtra bonding time. Lots of holding, talking, singing, holding, holding, holding.

5. Just started a Beth Moore mini daily bible study "Jesus - 90 days with the One and Only".
at the suggestion of Beth's daughter, here.

6. Why, oh why?
Buying the big fat 90 day devotion book at the Christian book store - Piper on one arm, big fat book, keys, and wallet in the other.
24 year old 'gentleman' working at the counter (he mentioned in passing he was born in 1983, I kid you not) chides me for putting my big fat book (437 pages) on the counter before my turn!
Mind you, I put it on the counter next to the counter being used, at least 6 feet from the poor 80 year old customers attempting to make a purchase in front of me. This poor couple had to endure more in that 10 minute transaction than one should have to in a lifetime.
Between this guy and the people who work the cash registers at Hobby Lobby, I have had it up to here with businesses who are very clearly "Christian" and have the worst customer service one can imagine. The only word I can think of right now is Dufus - is that a word?
"Mam, could you remove your book from the counter, it's not your turn."
I can tell you the words going through my head cannot be found in either the old or new testaments.
Maybe it's just in our area, I surely hope so, but I am embarrassed for the some of the Christian book stores around here. I can see why people make fun of us, I really can.

Ok, got off my list onto a major tangent there...

7. My husband is on a huge, gigantic, massive, huge, enormous, major, did I say huge? proposal for work and we miss him dearly, oh how we miss him. Honey, I am showing your picture to the kids so they won't forget what you look like. (He does really well with guilt messages)

8. Allergies - OH MY! Poor Hunter(7) has inherited my allergy to Ragweed and we are suffering - sneezing and itching and going through Kleenex like it's goin out of style. There is just nothing that makes me feel more attractive than a big, red, runny, swollen nose.

9. What else - my dad is doing pretty well, still taking chemo, putting on some weight. He says he's looking so good now, the women are starting to take notice!

10. Ten is a good number to end on, but I have nothing. This allergy head is all out.

Hope to have some pictures up tomorrow of the Extreme Home Makeunder.


Julie said...

Gotta love a list...

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the list...
Sounds like you have been a busy lady..
Can't wait to see the pictures..