Friday, September 14, 2007


Totally regretting making this bday party a "surprise". You just don't realize what kind of capital an upcoming bday party offers until you can't use it.

Ella woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and has been challenging my every attempt to get her bum in gear.

Of course this morning the whole fam needed to be up at school by 8:05 to see Hunter stand up in front of the whole school to be recognized for being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. (We were sooooo proud!)

We did get there, but not without tears and gnashing of teeth. It took every bit self discipline I could muster not blurt out "We're going to be late for your party if you don't get moving, young lady." Yes, her party was 10 hours away, but she has no concept of time. It would have worked. And now the bath. She doesn't want to take a bath in the morning, she says it's not normal. "Do you want to be smelly for your party?" I want to say.

But, I can't say that b/c it's a, you know, SURPRISE party. Now whose idea was this anyway?

I do have to give Ella credit. She did apologize on the way to school for being difficult. Then followed it with, "now mommy, do you have something to apologize for? I will forgive you if you ask."

"What do I need to apologize for?"

"Well, you haven't been very friendly to me this morning."

"You mean as you were crying because I told you needed to take your allergy medicine and put on your shoes."

"Yes, mommy, you got it right! Good job!"

That's vintage Ella. Mad as hornet one minute, smiling and encouraging the next. Hunter and I tend to hold onto our anger for a while, but Ella lets it go just as fast as it comes on. She can change the mood of our family in seconds, I do love that about her.

Birthday pictures coming soon...

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Julie said...

That conversation made me smile. It sounded just like the ones we have here! :)