Thursday, September 06, 2007

Our Girl

Piper had her checkup and 4 shots today. She cried for less than a minute and then was fine. Hopefully she won't break out in spots this time.

She is 25th % in weight and 75% in height on the American charts. The doctor looked in her crystal ball and said she will be at least 5'6".

According to Dr. H, she is smart, ahead in every category, and I'd better watch out b/c she predicts the Terrific Two's will come early based on her development. The last time this doctor made a prediction about Piper, it came true within 3 days - Eeeek!

This doctor is a very beautiful Chinese woman with a warm smile. She kept telling Piper how proud of her she was. Something about that exchange made me almost tear up, don't know quite why, other than an extreme case of the hormones.

Any hoo, that's our girl. Is it weird to be envious of your 16 month's old figure? I mean, come on, 25% in weight and 75th % in height. In my dreams...

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Julie said...

Daniel had his checkup on Thursday. 15 months. He got 3 shots. I hate the look on the kids' faces when they get their shots. It just breaks my heart! But they always stop crying when as soon as they can sit up. Daniel has been at the bottom of the percentages, but he's moving up. He's now 25% for height and 50% for weight. Now he's starting to look a bit chunky! Which is cute. But I'm sure it'll wear off as he gets better at walking.

I hope you have a good day! I'm off to get lunch for the kids and start whipping my house into shape for small group tonight.