Tuesday, February 27, 2007

100% pure sugar


So far, this is just too easy! I know, you're thinking just wait. Same thing I think when someone with a one week old says their baby is just so easy and a good a sleeper. I know the chances are that she won't always be so easy, but a girl can dream can't she! Easy or not, we love her and she's ours for good. So many unexpected blessings...watching her see the outside world for the first time, taking it all in, the way she plays with us in the sweetest ways, the way we've already developed our own little "language" with her, just getting to know her sweet ways like the way she comforts herself by making this little suckling sound by putting the bottom of her palm to her mouth. Her hands...that is what she had always available at the orphanage and she really makes the most out of them. She plays little games with them which are so interesting to watch, one we call "peek a boo thumb" where she hides her thumb and then pops it out over and over. She uses her hands to put herself to sleep by putting them up around her cheeks and mouth, that's one of the ways she tells us she's tired. She looks very deeply into our eyes and loves to play. We are seeing more and more smiles and each one is like a little gift sent straight from heaven. She's hungry...more later
Love from China,

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Julie said...

I can't help but leave a comment to say how precious she is! I went to a Beth Moore simulcast last Saturday and she mentioned that in the Psalm we were studying the word rejoice meant 'spinning with joy'. I imagine you guys are dizzy from rejoicing!
Julie (in Virginia)