Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's Saturday night and Scott and I just realized that 2 weeks from right now, God willing, we'll be in China. It will be Sunday morning there and we'll be getting settled into our hotel and gearing up to meet PG the next day! The excitement is definitely building around here. Today we received a video that was made in Piper's orphanage in November. She was 7 months old and we think we may see her on the video, we'll have to make sure once we see what she looks like with her hair grown in. Hunter saw this baby first, and said, THERE'S PIPER! The baby room she is in is a very lively place with music playing and babies playing, some in their cribs, some on the floor. Every one of the babies were adorable. The DVD showed the different rooms, which are according to age. The one that really got me was the 1 month old room. It was so full, with two babies for every crib. We have watched the DVD about a hundred times, looking for clues into her life in the orphanage. I am dying to go get her, I can't even explain how much. Seeing all of those babies just did something to me, I think I can actually feel my heart growing.
We truly covet your prayers for Piper Grace. Please pray that she stays healthy and strong and that God would graciously prepare her heart for us and all of the changes coming her way.

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Christie said...

Oh Dena, I am truly so happy for you and Scott. It's finally here and you are going to be such a wonderful mother to Piper...

I can't wait to meet her and share your joy!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and sweet comments on my Dad's site. You're a dear sweet friend.