Sunday, February 25, 2007

6 am Piper Day!

I just spent 45 minutes writing a post about all of the goings on here and apparently pushed the wrong thing and lost it all. All of the labels for the blog are in Chinese, so I'm going by memory mostly. The internet connection here is just like home and we have access to email and can pull up websites, but for some reasons the directions for our website are all in Chinese. Anyway, I know all you really want are to see pictures of Piper! I've been up since 3:45 am, it's now 5:40 am. How's a girl supposed to sleep when TODAY is the THE day? Apparently Scott is not struggling with jet lag in the least as he's been asleep now for 10 hours. Hunter and Ella, he needs you here to jump on him and say "time to GET UP"! I guess I'll have to do it.
I better go pack Piper's diaper bag and make sure everything is in order. I have to say that all of the difficulties of this process have just melted away. In some way I think the struggles along the way have just served to make this moment even sweeter. Funny how life works that way, hope I can take that lesson with me.
As always, please pray for Piper and for us as we begin the process of becoming a family. There really aren't words for the emotions of this morning. For now...
Love from China,

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