Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dear Piper Grace,

I wish you somehow knew how much we are thinking about you and praying for you. Our hearts are heavy, knowing you are so far away. I pray that God would prepare you for your crazy parents who are dying to love on you and hold you and count your toes, and play peek-a-boo with you. We know you may not be as excited to us as we are to see you, but in time, I think you will learn that, although a bit quirky, we will take care of you, love you, and walk with you through this life, whatever comes your way. As each day passes, it is a day that we are closer to you, and that is good thing, b/c right now we are feeling like our hearts just might burst! I wonder about you all day long, praying that you are warm, happy, well fed, healthy, and loved on. We can't wait to be the ones making sure you have everything you need.
See you in 19 days!!! (tears flowing, now)

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