Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's that burning smell?

yes, those are burn marks on the dresser
It's rarely a good thing when someone says "what's that burning smell?". I'd woken up after a fantastic, life altering 2 hour nap, Piper was still asleep, and I decided to spruce myself up which involved plugging in my flat iron for my hair. Apparently the wall outlets here have some major voltage. Scott and I divided up tasks for this trip and one of his was to bring the adaptors for the outlets so we could plug our stuff in. I used my flat iron earlier a few days ago and all was well. Not so today. Eventually the smell got so strong that I couldn't ignore it any longer and went searching for the source. Let's just say in the rest of the pictures my hair will be au natural. I have a feeling it's pretty hard to find a flat iron in China.



Melissa said...

Just looking through your pics again to see if I could steal some of China (just kidding) but I did this same thing while in China with my curling iron and burnt my hair.

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