Friday, February 02, 2007

This and That

The last few days have been the ultimate exercise in multi-tasking. I won't bore you with all the details, but there is just quite a bit to be done in the next 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!! 3 weeks from today we be leaving for CHINA, can you believe it, CHINA! Every day is filled with thoughts of Piper Grace and all things China. I spent 2 hours getting 1 shot yesterday at the local travel clinic. It gave me time to sift through the 10 different packing lists I have, and time to ponder our packing strategy.
Strangely, life around us still marches on, and people expect me to continue on as if I weren't going to CHINA in 3 weeks to meet my baby for the very first, unbelievable time!!! H and E still expect to fed 3x + per day, played with, loved on, cleaned up after, taken to practice. Scott still thinks he should have clean clothes to wear to work.
Yesterday, Hunter figured out it was February 1st and we hadn't left yet. Somehow he got it in his head we were leaving on 2/1, and he sounded very disappointed that we were still here, the nerve of that boy! I asked him if he was ready for us to go and he replied, "No, I don't really want you to leave, but I really want to see my baby sister!".
And then there's our Ella, who is queen of little sayings. She loves to sum things up with a little saying, like, "you know, mommy, two is better than one!", or "you know, mommy, that's what friends are for!", or "you know, mommy, you have to just try, try again!". So yesterday afternoon my arm, the one I got the typhoid shot in, started really hurting, pretty much every time I moved it more than an inch. Every time I would say ouch or moan and groan to get some sympathy, Ella would say, "you know, mommy, you just have to 'keep track of yourself'!" She doesn't always get the context or words right with her sayings, but they sure put a smile in my heart. When Scott got home from work, I tried to get some sympathy from him by telling him how much my arm hurt. Ella, very exhausted that I hadn't taken her advise, mumbled to herself, "I really wish she would just keep track of herself!".
If Ella only knew how hard I am trying to keep track of myself these days!

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