Saturday, February 17, 2007

Piper Grace is 10 months old!

Since Piper time is 14 hours ahead of us, it is February 18th there, and PG is 10 months old today. I wonder if she is crawling yet. I guess we will soon find out! We won't be surprised if she's not doing much of anything when we first receive her. It is very typical for the babies to sort of be withdrawn and somewhat listless the first few days to a week that you have them. Usually around the 3rd day, they begin to show glimpses of who they are and what they can do. Each day they bloom a little more as they begin to realize that you are going to take care of them and provide them with lots of good things! I've heard some parents describe it as an "awakening" of sort, as parents watch their babies slowly come to life. Some babies really have a hard time at first, while others seem to not miss a beat. The group of babies that Piper is in has had many, many caregivers and she is used to seeing many different adults care for her. This might make it easier for her in the transition to us, but it make take her a little longer to realize that we are not going away. Like it or not, she's stuck with us. We've learned a lot about bonding and attachment over the last 2 years and there are lots of ways we can help her attach to us and realize that we are her parents and what that means. This is sooooo important for her, as it is the foundation for all of her other relationships. So in the beginning, it will be important for us to do the majority of the caretaking, kind of like with a newborn. I will probably be holding her a lot so that she can get used to that closeness that she's never really experienced. We truly covet your prayers in this area, that the Lord would prepare her heart and bless her richly. That our attachment with each other would flow smoothly and that she would quickly learn what it means to be loved.
The countdown has begun!
In great anticipation,

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