Sunday, February 25, 2007

3 1/2 hours to go!

Scott just left for the meeting room to complete all of the paperwork. I am supposed to meet him there in 45 minutes to get last minute instructions. We'll all board a bus at 1pm and get the babies at 1:30! Our guide said to be prepared for how fast the process will go. After all of the hoops we've been through, paperwork mountains to climb, ups and downs, the nanny will simply hand Piper Grace to us and that is that.
We just had breakfast with some of the families in our travel group. It was great to talk to people who have been through the exact same process and find that they have shared the same feelings along the way- kind of an instant bonding with people from around the country that we would have never met otherwise. We are really blessed to be sharing this experience with some really nice folks. Oh, how I wish everyone of you could be here and experience this.
We'll post as soon as we can!
Love from China,

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Jodi said...

Congratulations Dena and Scott,
We are the Anderson's (have attended some of the meetings at MCFBC).
I hope you don't mind me following your blog... we just returned home on Feb 14th with our precious Jailyn Hope.
Have a wonderful time! We will be praying for y'all!
Jodi and Bryan