Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dad update: Today was better than yesterday...progress. They got my dad's pain under control last night and he is feeling better. His spirits are remarkably high today. I know people are praying for him and I am just so grateful for that. My dad has such an honest, steady strength that he puts everyone else at ease. I don't mean the kind of strength that pretends everything is just fine when it isn't. I mean the kind of strength that can honestly call it like it is and face the truth. He is funny and smart. I feel like the luckiest daughter in the world to have him for my dad. He really wouldn't like me going on and on about him, he'd say I was ruining his reputation. But, I am so proud of him and my mom for so many reasons, but seeing how they have walked through the last few weeks has been such a gift.

Keep praying...for healing and encouragement

I am so grateful that God brought Piper Grace home before all of this hit. She is such a bright ray of sunshine as we watch her grow and blossom.

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