Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Miracle?
Follow the link, click on "medium" and watch!

I remember seeing this video when we were waiting for Piper Grace and being very touched by it. I just watched it for the first time since we've been home with her, and, well, wow. As I hear Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth and their son describe what adoption has meant to their family, it means so much more to me. At the very end, SCC describes the thing that hits him the hardest when thinking about their experience & it is the very thing that runs through my mind on a daily basis...he just says it much better than I can express it.

He doesn't go into the background of their adoptions on this video, but we've heard them tell about how they came to adopt and it's a pretty neat story. Their daughter Emily started praying that her parents would have a heart for adoption and be open to adopting, but for years they gently told her that was not going to happen. Their family supported other families in the process, but SCC and MaryBeth had already decided their family was complete. Along the way, something in their hearts shifted and they decided they were open to praying about it. They have now adopted 3 little girls from China. I so appreciate Mary Beth's description of her feelings that we saw in a different video. She describes the process she went through and all of her fears about following where she thought God was leading.

You cannot tell me that God does not perform miracles in our day. It is a miracle each time one of his children walks through their fear and follows Him. It is a miracle how He spoke to our hearts and created a new family. It is a miracle that, by His grace, our Piper Grace traveled halfway around the world to find a family and bring such joy and beauty to our lives.

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Isabella's mommy & daddy said...

That was a great video.. I was tearing up.. I can not wait until I get the joy of Ms. Isabella placed in my arms.. It is going to be so BREATHTAKING..