Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She said it!!!

When you are the third child, your bath takes place in the kitchen sink while your mommy unloads the dishwasher. It's really a beautiful thing. I get something done while Piper has fun and gets clean. I know she will outgrow the sink soon, but while she is a little peanut, it just doesn't get much easier. Well, while she was in her sinky spot yesterday, I was on the phone with my mom, and she said it! She looked right at me, waved and said "mama!" with a big grin on her face. Then, just to be sure I heard her, she said it again, still waving at me. I've been feelin the love from her in an extra special way for a few days. She has always been loving, but just more so lately. She is spotaneously giving Scott and me "kisses". You can see her planning it as she opens her mouth wide and then bobs her face to our cheek. She is so proud of herself each time she does it, and it just melts my already mushy heart.

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