Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's the simple things in life...

You are a good end table, full of strength and goodness, and almost always a remote control or two. I love you end table.
I can lean on you and you never tip over on top of me, unlike the evil endtable on the other side of the room. No, you are my favorite, I will have no others.
You supply me with the best this life has to offer...remotes, beautiful, sleek, buttony remotes.
Oh, how I love thee!


Isabella's mommy & daddy said...

She looks like such a joyful little girl.. Is she always so happy? Glad that your dad is doing better..

Scott and Dena said...

Joyful is a perfect word for Piper. She just loves discovering her little world and really is happy most of the time. She fusses when she is hungry and tired, and occaisionally when she's mad about having her diaper changed. For me she is a daily reminder that God is really listening when we pray. She has been extra happy the last few days. She has started engaging her brother and sister to play with her by "chasing" them and "tickling" them. She truly cracks us up.