Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Perfect Picture, that wasn't

These pics were taken as a little experiment to see how easy it is to get Piper to smile. I said "peek a boo" and this is what I got. I am not ready to out my favorite photo place yet, I will give them one more chance...

I am starting feel like maybe I shouldn't leave the house for a while. Ever go through times when things just don't seem to be going your way? At least there's Job. Compared to Job, my measly little problems are, well, just measly (literally). Things started going downhill the week Piper got the Measles. That same day we learned my dad had a suspicious spot on his lung. Suddenly the measles didn't seem like such a big deal.

That was a Friday. The next Monday Hunter's class took a field trip to a zoo I had never heard of in small town Northwest of where we live. My plan was to meet them at the zoo with Piper and Ella in tow. We live in a small town, so when I turned onto the main road I was pleasantly surprised to see our 3 school buses full of kiddos on the way to the field trip. I could just follow the buses and get there at the same time as Hunter, and would not take the chance of getting lost. I hopped in the line of parents following the buses and off we went. For the first 30 minutes, we took the route I expected, but then we turned onto a very small highway out in the middle of nowhere. "Great!", I thought, I would've never known to take this road, I'm glad I followed the buses. The trip was supposed to take about 55 minutes, so after about 20 more minutes we turned on a main highway that I was familiar with, but we were going South instead of North, like I thought we were supposed to. After about 10 minutes of thinking the first bus would realize his mistake and turn us all around, he turned onto a different small highway and weaved around until I was completely turned around...another shortcut I thought, so I followed along. Somewhere along the way, the thought occurred to me that I could be following the wrong buses. I called the school secretary, and no, no one else was going on a field trip today. So, I followed. Eventually the buses turned into a large, fenced in building and I saw the sign. We had made it! Unfortunately, not to the zoo, we were at the place where money is made...what? Apparently the fourth graders were learning how money was made the same day the Kindergartners were going to the zoo. I could have cried at that moment, but I had to figure out where I was first. I started making calls, but quickly realized my battery on my cell phone was on its last ounce of power. Eventually Hunter's teacher called and I figured out that I was about 50 miles south of the zoo. We made it there...just in time for lunch. I don't want to admit this but, I missed my turn on the way home and it took us an extra 40 minutes to get home.

The rest of the week was full of mishaps, none of which are worthy of mention here.

I was really hoping things would turn around this week, but it's not looking that way...yet.

Yesterday, I got up with an extra few ounces of energy and thought that it was a good day to take the kids to get their photo taken after school. I spent the day picking out their clothes, ironing everything, and making sure I had the timing just right so everyone would be happy, well fed and awake. Our appointment was at 4:00. We arrived at 3:35 ready to go. Well, by 4:45 we were still waiting. Piper had used up all her smiles and good cheer, and by the time it was our turn, she was having none of it. The lady taking the photos was pitiful. Her main trick to getting a 12 month old to look at her and smile, was to say "smile" and tell her "no" when she tried to crawl away. The manager kept apologizing to me and eventually brought over a hand written coupon for 20% off and 2 free 8x10's and suggested I make another appointment and request someone different. The "photographer" kept trying to convince me Piper was smiling. I kid you not, she looked like she was making a diaper in the pictures. It was almost funny. Almost.

Anyone still reading at this point, thank you. I feel better now that I've shared. I love this blog. I can get out my frustrations and pretend someone is reading along, it really does make me feel better! Life in denial land has it's perks.

My dad went to the surgeon yesterday. He wants to try to get the tumor out. He said it will be tricky. My dad has to run everything by the oncologist, but it sounds like the surgery may happen soon. As always, prayers are greatly appreciated.

So this morning, I was laying on the floor thinking how today is a new day, quoting bible verses to myself about "His mercies are new every morning" when out of no where, Piper crawled up behind my head and before I even knew she was there, she had her tiny little finger stuck all the way up my nose. Not a fun way to realize it was time to trim her fingernails. A major nose bleed ensued.

Well, I've got to deal with the trail of ants Ella just found going from the back door, all the way up to the kitchen table... Ants have always fascinated me. How do they know what a wonderland of crumbs existed on the other side of our back door? I am serious about this, how do they know???


Lydia Price said...

Yes, Dena, someone has been reading all your entries. I have followed since you were in China. You may not remember us but we came to your house about a month before you left. It was an adoption get-together. I haven't written because I've been too lazy to figure out how to do it. When you wrote about your Dad, I just had to tell you that I WILL be praying for you and your family. My father passed away shortly after that dinner at your house. He had colon cancer. It was hard. He chose no treatment so we knew the inevitable would come soon. I am really writing to encourage you and to say that your site has been an encouragement to me. I love to see your sweet family pictures and to hear all the adventures. (Loved the zoo trip one!) Lydia Price

Christie said...

Love you girl and I do read all your posts - it just takes me awhile to get to all the blogs I follow, but I eventually get through them all and then I feel like life can go on, because I have caught up with all my friends!

Piper is toooooo cute! As are Hunter and Bwook...wait...Kaitlyn..? I can never keep it straight these days. Watch out, she may want to be called Piper and then you're really in trouble!

Love you and miss you! Praying for your Dad!!!!