Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Celebrating Piper Grace

So last weekend some wonderful, fabulous friends of mine got together and threw the most special celebration of Piper. It was just perfect and Piper seemed to have a wonderful time being the center of attention. Everyone brought squares of fabric and a verse or hope for Piper that will made into a "100 Good Wishes Quilt", which I had read about on other people's websites. It is a tradition in China, and I am so excited that Piper will have this gift of love from all of the people who have prayed for her and welcomed her. Anyone out there that wants to send me a square of fabric, email me or leave it in the comments and I will ask Shannon to send you the specifics via email. We need more squares!!! I would love to have a square from every person who prayed for her along the way. I can just picture her really treasuring her quilt, especially when she has her own children. My mom was able to find some fabric from a Holly Hobby dress that she made for me when I was little, way to go mom!

To Linda, Michelle, Shannon, Brooke, and Rachel...every detail was so special, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys!

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