Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hannah is soooo last week...

Introducing...Kaitlyn, the teacher/sometimes Kaitlyn the girl

A few weeks ago Ella was insisting that we need to change Piper's name to Hannah because that was her real name. She called her Hannah and wanted us to also. Then it hit her, "why waste a wonderful name like Hannah on my sister? I will be Hannah!" Ella informed me that this summer I needed to teach her how to write the name Hannah because when she turned 5, she would change her name to Hannah. After a few days of this, she realized that Hannah starts with and H and so does Hunter. That was just too close to her brother's name for comfort. So after much thought and consulting with her stuffed doggies, she decided Brooke (pronounced Bwooke) was a much better choice. Bwooke it was, she would be Bwooke when she turned 5.

So, the other day on the way home from preschool Ella says "Guess what mommy!"
"What, Ella, I mean Hannah, I mean Bwooke?"
"Kaitlyn wore my sandals all day!"
"Mommy, can I get a purple lunch box with ponies on it?"
"Let me guess, Kaitlyn has a purple lunch box with ponies."
"How did you know that???"

I was smelling a name change coming on. Sure enough by dinner time...
"Ella, would you like milk or water with your dinner?"
"Are you forgetting something, Mommy?"
"You cannot have orange juice with dinner."
Total exasperation, "My name IS NOT Ella, it's KAITLYN, I am a teacher/girl and my name is Kaitlyn!"

Apparently Kaitlyn is a very good organizer and has a lot of power over the other "girls" that are in our house this morning. She has been very busy telling everyone - Sarah, Kaitlyn (the other one), Abby, Molly, and Ella what to do and how to organize their school supplies.

I just hope "Kaitlyn" likes to eat her veggies and take long naps...

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