Thursday, May 10, 2007

Deal or No Deal? DEAL!!!

So the week we left for China someone posted to our yahoo group that we should buy Nestle brand formula b/c our babies were getting Nestle in the orphanage through a charity called Love Without Boundaries. During one of my 500 trips to Target that week, someone was completely blocking the aisle I wanted to go down so I had to turn my overflowing cart around and take a detour. As I passed by the end cap, I caught this vision out of the "tip of my eye" as Ella says, Nestle Good Start Supreme! It was on clearance. I couldn't believe my good fortune, could it be? A regular can costs about $23.00, but this was no regular can, it had 25% MORE. The clearance sticker said $11.26! My mind raced with all of the reasons it could be on clearance...laced with rat poison, manufactured in 1983, proven to cause sleeplessness. I took it up to the front and asked the manager. She informed me that they were changing the packaging and so they were trying to get rid of the old packaging, same stuff, new package. I could barely contain my joy as ran back to the end cap. I bought $75 worth, which seemed like a lot at that time. I just used the last sweet scoop of this precious find. We are now paying, get the tissues, REGULAR PRICE.

The doctor wants PG to stay on formula for a little longer than usual just to be sure she gets everything she needs. I'm all for it, but how I will miss opening the extra big, more than half off cans. It gave me a thrill everytime.

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