Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Coming soon to a country near you...

We just enjoyed our last dinner here in China at one of the restaurants in The White Swan hotel. It has the word grill is in the title, but grill must mean something entirely different in China. We walked in to find a very elegant, quiet setting complete with a violinist, overlooking the Pearl River. We ate with the Musgroves, as we have most nights that we've been here. The babies behaved fairly well as we enjoyed steak, salmon, and some good wine - a great way to top off our time here. Speaking of nice restaurants, I forgot to write about our dinner one night in Chongqing where Piper really got herself noticed. Brett Musgrove said I could link to their blog where her tells about it along with the story of how he and Scott dove into action on a crowded Chongqing street to save a runaway car. Their site is http://www.musgrovejourney.blogspot.com/ . He does a much better job than me of detailing the really important stuff. Their daughter Estee, is such a cutie and we have really enjoyed getting to know their family. Taylor, 13, their oldest son completely cracks me up. He's got great timing and says things like "Dude, Piper is seriously cute." Zack, 9, is really cute and reminds me a lot of our nephew Drew. Emily, 11, is very pretty, great with the babies, and very enjoyable to talk to.
Tomorrow, we pack up - again - check out of our hotel, go to the swearing in ceremony at the US Consulate, get on a bus, go the airport, get on our 13 hour flight home, but this time with Pretty Piper Princess Grace. I think we need to start a prayer vigil that she will s.l.e.e.p. a very long time. This is the part of the trip that I have not been looking forward to at all. She did not earn the nickname "Hyper Piper" for nothing.
I still haven't learned to say goodbye in Chinese, but that sure would come in handy as we prepare to leave the country and as I close possibly my final post from China.
Get ready, US of A - Piper Grace is on her way!


Anonymous said...

God's speed. Don't know why but the thought of Dena trying to say "goodbye" in Chinese really sounds humorous!!! I definately want to hear that when we come up to see you guys! As I'm writing this you guys are probably on a plane. Vaya con Dios! That's spanish for hurry up and get home safely and get some Texas food in your bellies! Piper looks like a sweetie. We can't wait to meet her!

Uncle Ray

Anonymous said...

God answered our prayers, that all of you would be together at last. Dena, it seems like the hard road was worth the trip.

God Bless all of you as you start your journey together as a bigger family.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely elated we feel at this time. Just so proud of you, Scott & Dena...the love & blessings you share in your home brought Hunter, then Ella and now sweet Piper to grow in God's care. How very special! Our thoughts & prayers are traveling with you three as you wing across the Pacific Ocean and all the way to Hunter & Ella. I just know that the angels will ride with you on the plane and give you all of the support you could ever need. We can't wait for all of us to gather & give a big group hug. Piper is just beautiful...she really is, but you know grandparents think that their grandchildren are the very best!! Even though I say this, just know that OUR GRANDCHILDREN really are the best!!! Papa Roman is so proud of his birthday wish all the way from China; that does not happen everyday. He says to tell dad and Uncle Ray to hold back on Alabama clothes...Wisconsin Bagers will be her chosen dress! Ha!
God bless you and thank you for the time and effort you guys have made to take us with you on this special journey and to help us feel like we too know Piper. Hope to talk with you and see you soon.
Papa Roman & Mama Linda