Thursday, March 29, 2007

If you are ever in Chongqing, China at the Harbour Plaza hotel...

please take a picture of the door to room 2120. I wish I would have taken more pictures of our room, of the little details that are burned in my memory, but I am afraid will fade in time.

room 2120
Where we fell in love with our Piper Grace
where we rocked,
played ,
fed Piper her first bottles with us.
Where Piper Grace got her first 2 teeth,
Where we became a family,
Where we missed Hunter and Ella and talked to them from half a world away on our Panda phone,
Where a crib awaited Piper Grace when we walked in the room for the first time,
Where laundry arrives cleaned, pressed and packaged,
Where we had a great view of the city,
Where we had to brush our teeth with bottled water,
Where we shared pieces of our journey with our friends and family via our laptop,
and they reached back with their warm wishes and love,
Where we watched our girl sleep for the first time,
Where we first thanked the Lord for this unbelievable gift of Piper Grace,
Where memories were made that will be forever engraved in our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! We want to meet her!! When can we?? Michelle Taunton