Sunday, March 18, 2007

Love Without Boundaries

Check out this special ebay sale that benefits a great charity, Love Without Boundaries. This is the organization that provided Piper's orphanage, Xiushan, with Nestle high quality formula. We are so grateful that they did. They also provide extra nannies and holding "grandmas" in some orphanages to allow the babies to have more interaction and love. Now that we know and love Piper so very much, we yearn for every one of those children to have the love and security of a family. The fact remains that many, many children will grow up in an orphanage. Through supporting charities like Love Without Boundaries, we can help improve the lives of these precious children, who are just like every other child, yours and mine. If you like to shop for a cause go to http://stores. Love-Without- Boundaries- Store and check it out.

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