Sunday, March 25, 2007

If you are easily offended...please read!

I am one happy mama...Piper seems to prefer me to perfect strangers! When we first had Piper, she would go to anyone...happily, too happily. I knew in my heart it would take time for her to realize I was different, I was her mama, but it hurt just a tiny little bit that she seemed to love everyone as much as me! The last week she has really started to not want to go to others and wants me to hold her if someone is talking to her. She will still flash her sweet smile eventually, but she is starting to look back at me, as if to see if this person is ok. In the attachment world this is a biggie! She has to attach to her mama first before she can attach to others. Newborns do this in all of those millions of interactions while their mother is caring for them 24/7. Piper has had many caregivers in her life who obviously smiled and interacted with her, but probably not one person that she truly attached to and depended on. I can really feel her depending on me and loving me, and it is just incredible.
Scott has had to dive into work since we've returned from China after being gone for 2 weeks. They are working on a very big project that has involved lots of overtime and weekends. This has been hard on him and us, but in one of those disguised blessings twists, I think it has helped Piper that I have been the one to feed her every meal and do all of the care taking. All of the adoption experts will tell you that they have to securely bond to their mother before they can branch out and trust others. If Scott were home, he'd definitely be helping. She obviously loves him too and is so excited to see him when he comes home, but I think she's starting to see me as her ticket to a warm bottle and affection. This is good, very good. So, if Piper doesn't want to be held, please don't be offended...she's just learning to love and making up for lost time.
One month ago today we were arriving in China and preparing to meet PG the next day. 11:30 pm USA time tonight marks one month since we first held our bundle of cuteness. I hope to find some time later to truly reflect on that day and look through our pictures. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, one I will always treasure.

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