Saturday, March 03, 2007

Forgot to mention that Piper cut her first tooth yesterday. When we got her, we were kind of surprised that she had no teeth. About the third day, we saw a little bump on her lower gum line, and she started drooling like crazy when she would chew on a piece of bread. Last night she kept grabbing for my finger and she would take it and rub it really fast on her bottom gum. It was then that I felt that her tooth had come through. I am glad that we got see her first tooth come through. I know we have missed a lot, not having her for the first 10 months. This is turbo parenting, as you get to see them develop so quickly, right before your eyes. When we first got her, she couldn't sit up and play with stuff b/c she needed her hands for balance. Now she can easily sit up and play. She doesn't crawl yet, but rolls all over to get where she wants to go. We'll get to see her crawl for the first time. I know Hunter and Ella will be excited for that. Piper is so smart, she'll probably be reading before we get home!
The other exciting development is that our new hotel, the Victory, has running water that we can drink and brush our teeth in! Our room is very nice here. Almost all of the adoptive families from the US have to come here to finish their adoption and so we are seeing a lot more families like us here. Most of the people who work in the hotel and in the shops can speak some English, unlike Chongqing.
Our guide took some of the men shopping. Apparently there is a wholesale place that sells "Nike" and other brands for very cheap. After Piper wakes up from this nap, Stacy and I are going to shop for the babies in the shops around here. Everything is within walking distance, and it's so pretty to just walk around under the banyan trees.
I'll post some pics after we get back.

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Anonymous said...

Dena, Scott, Hunter, and Ella: This prayer has special meaning for our family and we wanted to share it with you.

God sent you the best He had-
The blessings of baby hands
And ten small toes that came in rows
Imported from Angel lands!
God blessed the little darling
And to earth sent us this joy;
She has won our hearts already,
Your Blessed Baby Girl.
I send you the best I have-
A wish that is big and true;
That God will bless with tenderness
His dear little Gift - and you!