Friday, March 09, 2007

We are home! My dad picked us up at the airport and we came home to a huge "Welcome Home" banner across the front of our house. Hunter and Ella are really enjoying Piper and she really likes them. Last night after dinner they each put on a show for her as she sat in her highchair and they both had her smiling and giggling. Ella said, "She likes me, I can tell, and I love her." So far they've only had 1 fight over who gets to play with her. So as of 8:00 last night, things were going great.
Our status as of right now: Hunter has a bad sore throat and all over body aches, I have pink eye, and sadly Piper has some sort of stomach virus. Scott and I got close to no sleep last night. Piper was really miserable and could not sleep. The only thing that seemed to help her feel better was when she saw Hunter and Ella this morning. She is finally asleep, so we are trying to get the laundry started. The laundry - goes on for miles.
Jet lag - whoever coined this term had never flown from China to the US with a 10 month old baby. The lag part of that is just way to mild. What we feel is more than just a "lag". If my brain were functioning right now, I could think of a much more descriptive term, but I think it may be days or weeks until that is the case.
In the big scheme of things, we are doing great - everyone is home, safe and sound and the kids seem like they are all going to adjust just fine. It's just temporary insanity we are dealing with, so we can get through that, but if you are not too worn out from praying for us already, we'd love if you would pray for us and especially Piper and Hunter, who seem pretty puny right now.
Someday we will sleep again, and boy is it going to feel good!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! We are really getting spoiled with the updates; I run into the study each morning to check your website. You guys just need some down time to recoup and the opportunity to settle into your life as a family. It must seem overwhelming right now...with 3 of you sick. I recently had pink eye and how easy it is to catch that stuff. Love and hugs to all of you. Papa Roman & Mama Linda