Monday, March 05, 2007

Q & A w/Piper's mommy

First of all, Happy Birthday Papa Roman!!! We think of you everywhere we go, as this is the Year of the Pig and there are pigs everywhere! We hope you have a great day!

I've had a handful of emails asking various questions and I thought I answer them here in case anyone else is wondering the same things.
Q How old is Piper Grace?
A 10 months old, born 4/18/06

Q How is PG handling the transition?
A She is doing absolutely fantastic. When I look at her beautiful smile and see the joy in her eyes, I think about every person who prayed for her along the way. I wish you could grasp how fully God has answered your prayers. Scott's mom has consistently shared prayers that she has prayed for Piper and I am in awe as I see with my own eyes how they were answered. Many many people have prayed for her and I know that's why she so open to love. She has been loved by the Lord Himself. She has a light in her that is as bright as the sun. She is connecting and playful and beautiful. I just don't remember not knowing her, Scott and I were talking about that this morning. God has opened up a whole new world for me in the area of faith. I feel so loved by Him and just full of sweet gratitude.

Q Are you ready to come home?
A Well, yes and no. Yes, to see my other beautiful babies, can't wait to see their smiles and feel their hugs, and share PG with them. No to leaving this home away from home where we've experienced such a life changing adventure. No to doing my own laundry. No to cooking and going to the grocery store. No to a 12 hour plane ride. Yes to sleeping in our own bed. Yes to showing PG her new home.

Q How do you feel?
A content, blissful, happy, grateful, full

Piper passed her medical exam this morning although she was not happy about it. Boy did our "spicy girl" come out when that doctor attempted to check her ears. The area where she is from is known for its "spicy girls" and when you tell a Chinese woman where she was born, they say,"oh she's a spicy girl!" After the exam I went to a wholesale pearl mall type place with our guide and got some pearls for when the girls are older. We also found each of them a pearl bracelet, about $5.00 each. Right now Scott is at an electronics mall, hopefully buying me an IPOD for about $20 or less. Piper's been sleeping for over 2 hours. Sometimes I miss her when she's sleeping and have to go to the computer to look at her picture. Sappy, I know, I can't help it, she's so stinkin cute. Tonight we'll eat some Thai food at a restaurant called Cow and Bridge, it's supposed to be good.
Only 2 more nights here, I can hardly believe it.
PG is waking up from her nap. I love going to get her, when she sees me she flashes her happy grin and gets all excited. Just like Scott.

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