Friday, March 30, 2007

Long and lean

Our girl went to the doctor yesterday for an overall check up on her progress thus far. According the dr.'s magic charts PG will be 5'4" and weigh b/t 110 and 120 lbs. someday. Oh, to be Piper Grace! This is tall for a Chinese woman and average on the American charts. She is still slightly under 18 lbs, and the doctor wants to see her put on a bit of weight in the next month or so. Verbally, PG is a little ahead of the average baby, such a smarty pants. Motor wise, she is catching up fast and the doctor thinks she will be crawling and pulling up to stand very soon. When we first received her, she couldn't sit up unassisted, then she could sit up as long as she used her arms to prop her up. By the end of the first week, she could sit and play with toys. Now she can get from her tummy to a sitting position and into the crawling position. A few days ago, she started "crawling" backwards. She has to get a lot of routine blood work done and more stool samples - hooray! The doctor thought she looked fantastic. The doctor specializes in children adopted internationally, so it was good to get her feedback.

Piper is as happy as ever and I think she gave me a hug today!
Hunter gets very annoyed when I talk baby talk to Piper. He tells me she doesn't like it when I talk like that and then he proceeds to tell me how she likes to be spoken to. I don't know how I ever made it through parenting Hunter and Ella before they could tell me how to do it. I get LOTS of advice from them.
Ella has decided that Piper's name should be changed to Hannah. Our interactions go something like this:
me: "Ella, could you get me a diaper for Piper?'
E: "you mean, Hannah?"
depending on how quickly I need Ella to get the diaper,
me: "yes, Hannah, please get me the diaper for Hannah"
So when the doctor asks me if I think she knows her name or not, it's kind of a difficult question to answer. Piper, yes, she knows Piper, but unfortunately she's beginning to respond to Hannah as well.
I think I have decided that it will be at least 10 years before I am ever fully caught up on laundry. I can't stop daydreaming about how in China our laundry arrived at our hotel door each day at 5:00 pm wrapped neatly in clear plastic packages. It was dreamy, and like almost everything in China, affordable.
I can't get my pictures to load right now, I will try again later...

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Christie said...

You are so cute! I miss you, friend! We really need to get together - sometime...(schedules, lives, busy, I know) but we really want to see you and meet Hannah...err..I mean Piper...uhhhh, whoops - I mean Hannah....the baby...yeah, that's it!

Love you!