Monday, March 12, 2007

Little bit o sleep...just dreamy!

Well, last night was the best since we've been back home. Piper's schedule is no where near normal, but definately improving. She seems to be feeling all better and the smiles and giggles have returned. Her body is still on China time and she wants to eat every 4 hours during the night and is not wanting to eat much midday. We keep taking her outside to help her body clock adjust, but she just falls asleep outside. Hunter and Ella both are falling in love with Piper, just like we did, it's just impossible not to. It feels surprisingly normal to be a family of 5. Ella, Piper and I got out to Target and Old Navy today and really enjoyed ourselves. Ella pushed the stroller the whole time and never complained - that's a miracle.
Hunter is feeling better, but still seems a bit tired, although he hates when I say that.
I'm having trouble loading my pictures on the computer, so I will try again tomorrow. Until then, one of the guys in our travel group sent us this picture which was taken in Chongqing, our first city in China. It's worth the click and it reminds me of so many quirky things we saw there...

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