Saturday, March 03, 2007

Last stop before USA

We are in Guangzhou, on a little island called Shamian Island, right next to the Pearl River. Yesterday was a long day of travel, Piper was attached to me in the baby carrier from 9am to 3pm, only getting out once for a diaper change. She did well on the flight and seems to be happy here at our new hotel. She looked around a lot when we first got to the room, trying to figure out where we were. Before bed tonight she was really giggling and vocalizing. Before we got her, I wondered if it would take her a while to want to be touched and paid attention to all the time, but we have seen no signs of that. She loves to play with us and look into our eyes. She loves to be touched.
Shamian Island looks like it will be a nice place to end our trip. It does not look at all like the China we got to know in Chongqing. Our guide says Chongqing is the real China. This island is very beautiful with large banyan trees lining the brick style streets. The buildings look British Colonial. Last night we walked with our group to eat at an American restaurant called Lucy's. We ate outside under the banyan trees and enjoyed the perfect weather. On the way back we stopped by a few of the shops with baby stuff. I got Ella and Piper some soft leather squeaky shoes (you can take the squeaks out if you wish) at the first store we came to. I must have had "tourist, just arrived" written on my forehead. I got the shoes for 45 yuan(about $5). We saw the same shoes at the next shop. "How much?" I ask. 20 yuan. (about 2.50). I know they are still a great price, but it hurt the bargain hunter in me. I've got to redeem myself today. We saw some really cute dresses, with Gymboree and Ralph Lauren labels for $4.o0 each.
After a little begging, Scott is going to get us some coffee from Starbucks just outside of our hotel.
I will post some pictures a little later.
Piper is doing fantastic, and so are we. One of the ladies we ran into last night said "Oh, you are very lucky, she is very beautiful." We feel the same way, but know it wasn't luck, but God's providence that brought us here, to her.
I forgot to mention, she is completely over her cold or whatever it was that she had.
Tonight we are going on a river cruise to celebrate the end of Chinese New Year, called the Lantern Festival.

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