Saturday, March 10, 2007

These pictures were taken just hours before Hunter woke up very upset b/c his throat hurt so badly and Piper began throwing up. At one point at about 1am everyone but Ella was in the living room either crying or on the verge of crying (me and Scott). Yesterday is one I'd love to forget. Piper, my mom, and me spent over 6 hours in a miserable ER with a very bizarre doctor and nurse to match. After a call to a pediatrician that morning, the nurse thought Piper was getting dehydrated so we should take her into the ER. The next 6 hours were frustrating, heartbreaking and just plain infuriating. The momma bear in me came out after watching Piper suffer through 3 failed attempts to start an IV. I don't have the heart to go into all of the details, but this Dr. was a real piece of work. At one point he asked me what the real story was of this whole adoption, was it an under the table kind of thing. When I told him it was completely legal and that we adopted her from an orphanage he stared me down. I stared him down back. After test after test that the doctor guilted me into, he sent in the nurse to release us without telling us one test result. I asked the nurse and she said, oh I didn't look at the results. After asking to see our Dr. buddy, he waltzes in with a "what can I help you with?"

What can you help me with? How about helping me with how you ever became a doctor. His line of thinking was so illogical that it can't be explained, I wish I would've had a video of the whole experience. I'm just glad my mom was there or I think it would've pushed me over the jet lag edge. Meanwhile, Scott had Hunter at the pediatrician where he tested positive for strep.

The bottom line for Piper is that she got 3 rounds of fluid and is feeling much better. She didn't sleep much last night, but we are hopeful this will be our night! Hunter is feeling a lot better after getting an antibiotic shot on his rear end, a first for him.

Today was a good day spent reconnecting and reclaiming the house after we hit home with all our luggage and China goodies. Hunter and Ella love making Piper smile and laugh. Piper is sleeping in her crib in her room with Ella tonight so we'll see how that works out.

I hope to report very soon that we all slept through the night. Maybe tomorrow?!!!

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